Do you need a professional responsive web and graphics designer, a sub-editor, a creative copywriter, a journalist or a photographer?

Scribeworks provides a variety of integrated web design, graphics layout, photography, sub-editing and copywriting skills that can benefit your professional image and your print or internet marketing.
Scribeworks is my business name and I'm Chris Gillham, a freelance multimedia journalist, creative writer and graphics / web designer in Perth, Western Australia.
This website looks sophisticated and user-friendly on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. So can your website. Scribeworks websites such as Freshline Organics and Dantian Health look unique, unlike bland WordPress sites.

Marketing services

I design attractive web sites with perfect spelling/grammar/punctuation and a search engine strategy, as well as responsive design if requested so your site is attractive on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones (see examples or a template design). To test my ability to achieve high search rankings for your web site, look at where some of my clients' sites rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Want pop-up windows that melt into your screen? Click here.
If you want to market your products or service off the web, I also produce tight, accurate editorial and stylish designs for hard copy newsletters, magazines, business cards and similar print graphics.
I hand-code all websites and am skilled with Photoshop, InDesign, javascript, flash, css, html, php, pdf and most other web or graphic design apps. These skills are combined with my 35 years' experience as an editor, photographer, journalist and copywriter, resulting in attractive, informative, effective marketing via the web or print.
If you need a web site that sells, I'll produce shopping cart and credit card facilities that blend with your desired style, design and colour.

Rapid site maintenance

In most cases, I have a client's web design modifications written and uploaded within hours of email notification, often within minutes for simple changes such as website editorial or product prices. My web design and maintenance services are usually available seven days a week.
Clients have included the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, various real estate agencies, a tennis club, WA's leading antique clock dealer and businesses retailing services or products such as Chinese medicine and organic groceries.
Real estate is my specialty but I research and write on any topic. I'm a freelance creative writer / designer and for 35 years have been consultant editor of various regional newspapers, magazines and newsletters in Western Australia.

The works

It's cheaper and more efficient to use a freelance multimedia specialist. I'm an award-winning writer and sub-editor who can shape stories, graphics and page design on the run to coordinate the efficient production of your website, newsletter, magazine or ad.
I have multiple skills and don't need various staff to build a website, and that's why I'm cost effective.
Scribeworks in Perth can satisfy all your web design, graphics, copywriting and responsive website marketing requirements.
If you want to keep up with the generational boom in mobile web use so you can reach your target market through their most common devices, and you want a classy web presence instead of another Wordpress factory website, get in contact.
Please send me a message to determine my availability or to seek a quote.
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